3003 Aluminum Sheet

3003 Aluminum Sheet

Application Market: Lithium Battery Busbar, Cosmetic Bottle Caps, Aluminum Lugs, Explosion Relief Valve, Heat Sink, PCB, etc.

3003 is AL-Mn alloy, the most widely used kind of anti-rust aluminum, the strength of this alloy is not high (slightly higher than industrial pure aluminum), and can not be strengthened by heat treatment, so the use of cold processing method to improve its mechanical properties: In the annealing state has high plasticity, in the semi-cold hardening plasticity is good, cold hardening plasticity is low, good corrosion resistance, good weldability, poor machinability.

Mainly used for requiring high plasticity and good weldability, low load parts working in liquid or gas medium, such as fuel tanks, gasoline or lubricating oil conduits, various liquid containers, and other small load parts made with deep drawing: wire used to make rivets 3003 Aluminum sheet formability, solubility, corrosion resistance are good.

For processing parts that need to have good formability, high corrosion resistance, and good weldability, or require these properties and need to have higher strength than 1XXX series alloys, such as kitchenware, food and chemical products processing and storage devices, tanks and tanks for transporting liquid products, All kinds of pressure vessels and pipe general utensils, heat sinks, cosmetic plates, copier rollers, Marine materials processed with thin sheets.

Aluminum alloy 3003, a member of the AL-Mn series, is a high-performance alloy used in a wide variety of industries. It is known for its excellent rust resistance, good formability, and high strength. This paper will deeply discuss the characteristics, advantages, and processing properties of 3003 aluminum alloy and its application in different industries.

Physical Characteristics of Aluminum Sheet Alloy 3003

Aluminum sheet alloy 3003 is a kind of aluminum matrix, adding manganese, iron, zinc, and other elements of the alloy. In its standard composition, the content of aluminum is about 99%, and the remaining elements are added as alloying elements to improve their mechanical properties and processing properties.

mechanical property

  • Strength: The tensile strength of 3003 aluminum sheet alloy is between 140-250 MPa, and the yield strength is about 110 MPa. Its high yield strength and tensile strength enable it to withstand large loads. Data source: GB/T 6892-2015.
  • Plasticity: 3003 aluminum alloy has good plasticity, and elongation between 6-15%. This means that the alloy is prone to plastic deformation and can be easily machined into a variety of complex shapes. Data source: GB/T 6892-2015.
  • Hardness: The hardness of 3003 aluminum alloy is about 80-115HB, which is a soft metal material and easy to cut. Data source: GB/T 6892-2015.
  • Fatigue performance: 3003 aluminum alloy has good fatigue performance and can withstand the effect of alternating loads.

handling characteristics

  • Formability: Because 3003 aluminum alloy has good plastic deformation ability, it is easy to carry out various plastic processing, such as stamping, bending, stretching, and so on. This characteristic allows it to be machined into a variety of complex shapes. Data source: GB/T 6892-2015.
  • Welding performance: 3003 aluminum alloy has good welding performance and can be connected by conventional welding methods. After welding, it has good strength and corrosion resistance and is suitable for occasions where welding is required. Data source: GB/T 6892-2015.
  • Cutting performance: Due to the moderate hardness of the 3003 alloy aluminum sheet, it is easy to cut. The cutting speed is fast, the cutting depth is large, and good machining surface quality can be obtained. Data source: GB/T 6892-2015.
  • Heat treatment performance: 3003 aluminum alloy can be heat treated by quenching, annealing, and other ways to improve its mechanical properties and processing properties. Annealing treatment can improve its plasticity, quenching can improve its hardness and strength. Data source: GB/T 6892-2015.

Advanced Color-Coated Process

Polyester-coated pre-coating Technology(PE)

Polyester coating is a kind of anti-UV UV polyester resin coating, its main component is using polymer containing ester bonds in the main chain as a monomer, adding alkyd resin, and ultraviolet absorber. After baking polyester coating on the surface of aluminum (aluminum sheet, aluminum roll) many times, it forms a solid film with protection and decoration. The polyester coating protects color-coated aluminum products (aluminum sheets, aluminum rolls) from exposure to the atmosphere due to temperature differences, freeze-thaw cycles, corrosive gases and microorganisms, and from ultraviolet radiation, wind, rain, frost, and snow.

In addition, the polyester coating can give color-coated aluminum substrate products rich color, according to gloss polyester coating can be divided into matte and highlight series. Therefore, the color-coated aluminum coil not only has good gloss and smoothness, but also has superior texture and feel, and can also increase the sense of layer and three-dimensional. It is especially suitable for interior decoration and advertising boards.

polyvinylidene difluoride coating technology(PVDF)

Fluorocarbon coating is PVDF resin, mainly refers to vinylidene fluoride homopolymer or vinylidene fluoride and other small amounts of fluorinated vinyl monomer copolymer coatings. The fluoric acid-base material with fluorine/carbonization bond has a stable and firm chemical structure, which makes the physical properties of fluorocarbon coatings different from those of general coatings.

Fluorocarbon coatings can be divided into traditional fluorocarbon coatings and nano-fluorocarbon coatings according to the film formation structure of the surface. In 1965, the Pennwalt Chemical Company of the United States for the first time used fluorocarbon paint for the coating of indoor and outdoor aluminum in high-grade buildings, a wide range of color selectivity, solemn appearance, and durability for many magnificent curtain wall buildings around the world added luster. In addition to the wear and impact resistance in terms of mechanical properties, it also shows excellent and long-term fading resistance and UV resistance in harsh climates and humid environments. After high-temperature grilling, the molecular structure of the coating is tight, and the machine has superior weather resistance. The coating manufacturer’s guarantee of the service life of the coating began to be 10 years, 15 years to guarantee more than 20 years.

American research institutions have tested and compared fluorocarbon coatings super coatings and general coatings. The samples of the coatings were exposed to hot sunlight in Florida, the United States, and exposed to the harsh environment of humid salty air for 12 years, which proves that the stability and durability of fluorocarbon coatings are 30%-80% higher than those of the other two coatings. Fluorocarbon coatings ensure that they can be used in various harsh environments. It is especially suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration in public places, commercial chains, exhibition advertising, and other decorations and displays.

The Application of 3003 Aluminum Sheet Plate

  • Automotive manufacturing: In automotive manufacturing, 3003-grade aluminum sheet alloy is widely used in the manufacture of automotive body panels, doors, engine covers, fuel tank radiators, and other components. Its high strength and good plasticity make it able to withstand the vibration and shock of the car during driving. At the same time, its corrosion resistance and welding performance ensure the service life and safety of automotive components. Data source: Automotive industry standards and practical experience.
  • Aerospace: In the aerospace field, because of its high strength, good corrosion resistance, and plasticity, 3003 aluminum alloy is widely used in the manufacture of aircraft fuselage, wings tail, and other structural components. In addition, its lightweight characteristics help reduce the weight of the aircraft and improve flight performance and fuel efficiency. Data source: Aerospace industry standards and practical experience.
  • Construction industry: In the field of construction, 3003 aluminum sheets are mainly used to manufacture structural components such as door and window frames, curtain wall frames, roofs, and supports. Its high strength and good corrosion resistance ensure the long-term performance of building components. In addition, its beautiful appearance has also been favored by the construction industry. Data source: Construction industry standards and practical experience.
  • Household appliances: In the field of household appliances, such as refrigerators, air conditioners, and washing machines, 3003 aluminum alloy is widely used in the manufacture of various parts such as shells, brackets, and connectors. Its high strength and good corrosion resistance ensure the long-term safety and reliability of household appliances. Data source: Household appliance industry standards and practical experience.
  • Other applications: In addition to the above application areas, 3003 aluminum alloy is also widely used in packaging, transportation, electronics, and power. For example, it is used in the manufacture of packaging boxes, transport vehicles, and structural components for electronic equipment. Its excellent mechanical properties and processing properties meet the needs of these fields. Data source: relevant industry standards and practical experience.

In short, as an AL-Mn alloy, 3003 aluminum sheet is widely used in various industries because of its excellent anti-rust properties, mechanical properties, and processing characteristics. Through the detailed introduction of this article, it is not difficult to find its applications in automobile manufacturing, aerospace, construction, and household

Application Field Typical Applications
Food Packing Can Stock, Beverage can end
Building ConstructionCurtain Walls, Ceiling
TransportationAutomobile Parts, Bus Bodies
Electronic AppliancePCB Board, Fans Blade

The price of 3003 aluminum plate = aluminum ingot price + processing fee.

Note: 3003 aluminum plate has different tempers and specifications, the quotations of each aluminum plate manufacturer are also different. For a detailed quotation, free online consultation is available, we are very happy to provide you with support and help!

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