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WanTai Aluminum Industrial has processed aluminum alloy raw materials for over 15 years. In terms of aluminum processing, product selling, and service, we have rich experience in the aluminum industry and a professional butler service team to provide customers with perfect personalized service solutions. With the spirit of pioneer with its excellence, daring to be the first innovation, and all along dedicated to quality and honesty, customer-focused service, the company implements strict quality control measures and utilizes advanced production technology to ensure its products not only meet or exceed the international standards. WanTai has established an excellent reputation and leading position in more than 120 countries and regions with which it cooperates. Besides, WanTai’s professional team has been always committed to continuously improving the quality and performance of its products to meet the changing needs of global customers.

Choosing WanTai is a small step for you to trust and a big step for our cooperation. WanTai is not only an aluminum manufacturer all the time, but also a long-term partner that customers can trust.

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Perfect OEM Order Process

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1. Request for quote

Communicate your requirements and request a sample
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2. Sample preparation

Sample Size: A4 Paper Size
Sample Delivery

3. Sample Shipment

Sample Testing

4. Sample tesT

Test Feedback

5. Test Feedback

Go Back to R&D if There is a Problem
Contract With WanTai Aluminum

6. contract with us

MOQ: 1 -3T
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7. order handling

Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, D/P
Order Shipment

8. shipment

Delivery Time: Normally Within 15-30Days

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