1100 Aluminum Sheet

1100 Aluminum Sheet

Application Market: Lithium Battery Busbar, Cosmetic Bottle Caps, Aluminum Lugs, Explosion Relief Valve, Heat Sink, PCB, etc.

1050 aluminum plate is an industrial pure aluminum plate with an aluminum content (mass fraction) of 99.00% and cannot be strengthened by heat treatment. 1050 aluminum plate has high corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity, and thermal conductivity. It has a low density and good plasticity. It can produce various aluminum materials through pressure processing, but its strength is low.

1050 aluminum plate is usually used for products that require good formability, and high corrosion resistance, and it does not require high strength, such as food and chemical handling and storage equipment, sheet metal products, hollow hardware processed by drawing and spinning, and welding combinations Keys, reflectors, nameplates, etc.

As the top aluminum metal plate of 1000 series peers, 1100 aluminum sheets have always won wide recognition from users around the world with their excellent performance. The mechanical properties of aluminum sheet 1100 alloy mainly include tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, and other indicators.

According to the provisions of the National Standard GB/T 3880.2-2012 “Aluminum and aluminum alloy plates, strips, foils, Part 2: Mechanical properties”, the tensile strength of the aluminum sheet 1100 alloy should not be less than 95MPa, the yield strength should not be less than 35MPa, and the elongation should not be less than 5%.

The surface quality of aluminum sheet 1100 alloy mainly includes flatness, surface finish, oxide film thickness, and other indicators. According to the National Standard GB/T 3190-2010 “Aluminum and aluminum alloy chemical analysis method” and GB/T 3880.3-2012 “Aluminum and aluminum alloy plates, strips, foils, Part 3: According to the provisions of “Surface Quality”, the surface of the aluminum sheet 1100 alloy should be flat and smooth, without obvious scratches, no oxidation spots and bubbles and other defects, and the thickness of the oxide film should meet the specified requirements.

In summary, the standard of aluminum sheet 1100 alloy is rigorous and meticulous, involving many aspects such as chemical composition, mechanical properties, surface quality, etc. Only in strict accordance with the standard production and inspection can ensure that the quality and performance of aluminum sheet 1100 alloy meet the requirements, and meet the needs of various industrial production and applications.


  • Lightweight: 1100 aluminum alloy has a low density of about 2.7g/cm³, which is 1/3 of steel, so it has important application value in many fields.
  • Good conductivity: Aluminum has good electrical conductivity, and 1100 aluminum alloy is widely used as conductive materials such as wires and cables.
  • Good thermal conductivity: 1100 aluminum alloy has good thermal conductivity and is suitable for manufacturing equipment with high heat conduction requirements such as radiators and heat exchangers.
  • Corrosion resistance: 1100 aluminum alloy has good corrosion resistance, especially in the atmosphere and many chemical media.
  • Machinability: 1100 aluminum alloy has good plasticity and machinability, and can be manufactured by die casting, extrusion, forging, and other processes.

Advanced Color-Coated Process

Polyester-coated pre-coating Technology(PE)

Polyester coating is a kind of anti-UV UV polyester resin coating, its main component is using polymer containing ester bonds in the main chain as a monomer, adding alkyd resin, and ultraviolet absorber. After baking polyester coating on the surface of aluminum (aluminum sheet, aluminum roll) many times, it forms a solid film with protection and decoration. The polyester coating protects color-coated aluminum products (aluminum sheets, aluminum rolls) from exposure to the atmosphere due to temperature differences, freeze-thaw cycles, corrosive gases and microorganisms, and from ultraviolet radiation, wind, rain, frost, and snow.

In addition, the polyester coating can give color-coated aluminum substrate products rich color, according to gloss polyester coating can be divided into matte and highlight series. Therefore, the color-coated aluminum coil not only has good gloss and smoothness, but also has superior texture and feel, and can also increase the sense of layer and three-dimensional. It is especially suitable for interior decoration and advertising boards.

polyvinylidene difluoride coating technology(PVDF)

Fluorocarbon coating is PVDF resin, mainly refers to vinylidene fluoride homopolymer or vinylidene fluoride and other small amounts of fluorinated vinyl monomer copolymer coatings. The fluoric acid-base material with fluorine/carbonization bond has a stable and firm chemical structure, which makes the physical properties of fluorocarbon coatings different from those of general coatings.

Fluorocarbon coatings can be divided into traditional fluorocarbon coatings and nano-fluorocarbon coatings according to the film formation structure of the surface. In 1965, the Pennwalt Chemical Company of the United States for the first time used fluorocarbon paint for the coating of indoor and outdoor aluminum in high-grade buildings, a wide range of color selectivity, solemn appearance, and durability for many magnificent curtain wall buildings around the world added luster. In addition to the wear and impact resistance in terms of mechanical properties, it also shows excellent and long-term fading resistance and UV resistance in harsh climates and humid environments. After high-temperature grilling, the molecular structure of the coating is tight, and the machine has superior weather resistance. The coating manufacturer’s guarantee of the service life of the coating began to be 10 years, 15 years to guarantee more than 20 years.

American research institutions have tested and compared fluorocarbon coatings super coatings and general coatings. The samples of the coatings were exposed to hot sunlight in Florida, the United States, and exposed to the harsh environment of humid salty air for 12 years, which proves that the stability and durability of fluorocarbon coatings are 30%-80% higher than those of the other two coatings. Fluorocarbon coatings ensure that they can be used in various harsh environments. It is especially suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration in public places, commercial chains, exhibition advertising, and other decorations and displays.

The Application of 1100 Aluminum Sheet Plate

The excellent corrosion resistance, excellent ductility, rich color, and easy processing after anodizing make 1100 aluminum sheet metal perfect in a wide variety of performance applications. As a representative of industrial-grade pure metal aluminum, let us first understand the application of 1100-grade aluminum plates in various industries.

In industrial applications, whether it is the shell manufacturing of electronic products or the processing of automotive parts, 1100 aluminum alloy can rely on its excellent plasticity and tensile strength to complete a variety of complex molding needs. This is the reason why in the high-precision, high-demand aerospace field, 1100 aluminum plates can also be favored.

For the construction field, the 1100 aluminum sheet is also an indispensable partner. Whether it is used for the curtain wall of modern urban buildings or the decorative elements of classical manor houses, it can help to create magnificent architectural visual effects with delicate texture, elegant color, and excellent weather resistance.

At the same time, the environmental performance of the 1100 aluminum plate is also worthy of mentioning. In aluminum sheets or coils processing, there is no emission of any toxic substances, and it can be recycled indefinitely, greatly reducing energy consumption. This makes people think deeply: In this era of rapid development, the choice of 1100 aluminum sheet metal is undoubtedly a responsibility for the future.

Certainly, we understand that price is also an important consideration factor when choosing aluminum alloy materials. The good news is the production process of an 1100-grade aluminum plate is relatively simple. So, its price is more affordable than other advanced-grade aluminum alloy. It also allows more users to get and use such a high-quality material.

In general, the 1100 aluminum alloy plate with its excellent performance, environmental-friendly characteristics, and affordable price, has undoubtedly become a dark horse in the market. No matter what kind of industry you are in, as long as there is a demand for aluminum sheet metal, you must not miss such an excellent product. The 1100 aluminum plate is like a master key that will help you to open up a new world and take you an experience possibility beyond your imagination.

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