2024 Aluminum Sheet

2024 Aluminum Sheet

Application Market: Lithium Battery Busbar, Cosmetic Bottle Caps, Aluminum Lugs, Explosion Relief Valve, Heat Sink, PCB, etc.

In the field of materials science, 2024 aluminum sheet is an aluminum alloy material with excellent properties. 2024 aluminum plate belongs to Al-Cu-Mg alloy, its main chemical composition includes copper, magnesium, silicon, and other elements. The content and proportion of these elements determine the excellent strength, toughness, and excellent machining properties of the 2024 alloy aluminum sheet.

As a high-strength duralumin plate, the strength, rigidity, and fatigue resistance of 2024 aluminum plate alloy are significantly higher than that of pure aluminum. Of course, its yield strength and tensile strength are also higher than other aluminum alloy materials. It can maintain stable performance in a variety of complex environments such as high and low temperatures, providing high quality and long life assurance for products.

In addition, the 2024-grade aluminum sheet has excellent heat treatment strengthening properties. After heat treatment, its strength, hardness and corrosion resistance are also significantly improved, while maintaining good plasticity and toughness, which can meet the processing needs of various complex shapes.

From a production point of view, the manufacturing of the 2024 aluminum sheets requires precise control of chemical composition, melting, casting, rolling, heat treatment and other links to ensure the performance and quality of the material. In the melting process, to ensure the uniform distribution of alloy components, to prevent segregation phenomenon; In the rolling process, the temperature and rolling force should be strictly controlled to ensure the thickness and surface quality of the plate. In the heat treatment process, the heating temperature and cooling speed should be precisely controlled to obtain the best mechanical properties.

Through the above-detailed introduction, whether from a professional point of view or the perspective of market demand, the 2024 aluminum alloy sheet is a trusted preferred high-performance metal material.

2024 aluminum plate’s high strength, high rigidity, and good fatigue resistance make it widely used in aerospace, automotive manufacturing, the construction industry, electronic products, and other high-load areas of parts and components. It has become one of the indispensable materials in modern industry. Especially in the field of aircraft manufacturing, this alloy is widely used because of its high strength, lightweight, good machinability, and its safety, and reliability. From the aircraft skeleton to the skin, insulation frame, wing ribs, wing spars, and even rivets, almost all aluminum parts used in aircraft operating environments below 150 ° C can be manufactured using 2024 aluminum alloy.

In the context of the continuous pursuit of performance and innovation, with the continuous progress, innovation and improvement of science and technology, we believe that in the future development, 2024 aluminum plate with its excellent performance, a wide range of application fields and sustainable development advantages, its potential will be further explored. It will play a more important role in the sustainable development and progress in the fields of aviation, automotive, construction, electronics and sports, showing wider application prospects and making greater contributions.

As a high-strength duralumin sheet, 2024 aluminum alloy has become one of the indispensable materials in modern industry due to its excellent physical and mechanical properties, good processing properties and a wide range of applications. Whether it is aerospace, automotive manufacturing or other high-tech industries, it provides a guarantee of high quality and long life for products. Through reasonable processing and application, 2024 aluminum alloy will continue to make important contributions to the development of various industries.

All in all, thanks to its excellent physical properties, mechanical properties and the characteristics of easy processing, 2024 aluminum has been widely used in various industries. With its diverse applications and stable performance, it is one of the key materials to ensure safety and reliability in a variety of complex and high-tech application scenarios.

Physical and mechanical properties

  • Density: The density of 2024 aluminum alloy is about 2.78g/cm³, which means that the alloy is light and suitable for applications with strict weight requirements, especially for applications where weight reduction is required. Data Source: Metal Materials [M]. Higher Education Press. 2016.10
  • Thermal conductivity: 2024 has moderate thermal conductivity and can efficiently transfer and disperse heat, making it perform well in environments where it needs to withstand temperature changes. Working environment below 150℃, excellent performance.
  • Corrosion resistance: Although the corrosion resistance of 2024 aluminum plate is not high in some cases, its corrosion resistance can be significantly improved by anodizing treatment, painting or aluminum coating on the surface, so that it can maintain a long service life under various environmental conditions.
  • Strength and hardness: After proper heat treatment, 2024 aluminum sheet plates can obtain extremely high strength and hardness. Its hardness can reach 80HB-110HB, tensile strength can reach more than 390MPa, the yield point is 310MPa, and the elongation is about 8%. These data demonstrate the excellent strength and hardness of the aluminum sheet 2024 alloy, which can withstand a variety of high load conditions. Its tensile strength and yield point are excellent at all temperatures, providing the ideal material choice and guarantee for the production of high-load parts and components. Data source: Aluminum Alloy and Its Application [M]. Chemical Industry Press. 2015.10
  • Tensile strength and elongation: the tensile strength under quenched and freshly quenched conditions is 80-110MPa and 290-350MPa, respectively. At the same time, the elongation is above 5% and between 5% and 10%. This means that 2024 alloy materials can maintain some rigidity while still maintaining good ductility. This property makes it easy to shape and process during the manufacturing process. Data source: Aviation Material Selection Guide [M]. National Defense Industry Press. 2013.11
  • Fatigue performance: After fatigue tests, 2024 aluminum alloy shows excellent durable strength and plasticity when subjected to repeated stresses, which makes it highly valuable in applications where frequent alternating stresses are subjected. For example, it is very suitable for aircraft parts. Data source: Aviation material fatigue performance database
  • Good welding performance: Spot welding and welding operations went quite smoothly on the 2024 aluminum sheet, but attention should be paid to the possible formation of intergranular crack tendency during gas welding.

Processing properties and advantages

2024 aluminum alloy has good processability. After proper heat treatment, it can be easily cut, drilling, milling, bending and other processing operations, and welding and brazing is also quite easy.

  • Welding performance: 2024 aluminum plate can be connected with other aluminum alloy materials or steel through the welding process, with good welding strength and air tightness. 2024 aluminum alloy has good spot welding performance, which greatly simplifies the connection process during use and improves production efficiency. Although there is a tendency of intergranular crack in gas welding, this problem can be effectively controlled by selecting appropriate welding methods and controlling process parameters. Data Source: Aluminum Alloy Welding Technology and Application [M]. China Machine Press. 2017.09
  • Machinability: The machinability of 2024 aluminum alloy after annealing is low. However, after quenching and cold work hardening of 2024 aluminum plate, its machinable performance is good. The cutting speed is fast, the cutting depth is large, and the cutting surface is smooth, which can meet the needs of high-precision machining. This facilitates subsequent machining and enables efficient processing. At the same time, this characteristic makes it particularly suitable for occasions requiring fine machining or special shape requirements. Data Source: Metal Cutting Principles and Tools [M]. China Machine Press. 2016.08
  • Heat treatment strengthening: The mechanical properties of the material can be further enhanced by heat treatment processes, such as quenching and aging treatment, which can significantly improve the strength and other mechanical properties of 2024 aluminum alloy. This property allows the material to perform at its best in different use environments.
  • Bending performance: 2024 aluminum plate has good bending performance and can be processed into various complex shapes by bending. In the bending process, it is necessary to choose the appropriate bending radius and bending Angle to avoid cracking or deformation of the material.
  • Good surface treatment performance: The surface treatment method of 2024 aluminum plate includes anodizing, spraying, electroplating, etc., which can obtain a smooth and beautiful surface and improve the corrosion resistance and decoration of the material. In the surface treatment process, it is necessary to choose the appropriate treatment method and process parameters to obtain high-quality surface treatment layer.

In addition to the physical and mechanical properties mentioned above, 2024 aluminum alloy also has the following advantages: light weight, corrosion resistance, good electrical conductivity, high thermal conductivity properties. These characteristics make it widely used in aviation, automotive and other high-tech industries.

The Application of 2024 Aluminum Sheet Plate

Due to its excellent mechanical properties and good processing characteristics, 2024 aluminum alloy is widely used in high-tech fields such as aviation, shipbuilding, automotive, electronics and communications. Especially in the field of aircraft manufacturing, this alloy is widely used because of its high strength, lightweight, and good machinability.

aircraft industry

As the main material of aircraft skeleton, skin, spacer frame, wing rib, wing SPAR rivet, and other key components, to ensure the safety and reliability of aircraft in various environments. Data source: Aircraft parts procurement records of major airlines.

automotive field

In automotive manufacturing, 2024 aluminum alloy is used to make parts with high requirements for strength and lightweight, such as wheels, engine components and suspension systems. Data Source: Automotive Lightweight Materials and Applications [M]. Chemical Industry Press. 2018.07

machinery field

  • Gears: In mechanical transmission, gears need to withstand extreme loads and high-speed rotation. 2024 aluminum alloy is used in the manufacture of various industrial gears due to its high strength and wear resistance.
  • Bearings: Bearings are important parts of mechanical equipment and need to withstand a lot of friction and rotation. 2024 aluminum alloy is used in the manufacture of various bearings due to its high hardness and good wear resistance.
  • Pressure vessels: In petroleum, chemical, and other fields, pressure vessels need to withstand high pressure and corrosive media. 2024 aluminum alloy is used in the manufacture of pressure vessels in these fields due to its high strength and corrosion resistance.

With the continuous progress of science and technology, the 2024 aluminum plate is expected to play a more important role in the future. It will continue to show outstanding performance and wide application prospects in the fields of aviation, automotive, construction, electronics, and sports. At the same time, through continuous innovation and improvement, the potential of the 2024 aluminum sheet will be further tapped and contribute to the sustainable development of mankind.

When seeking alternative materials for 2024 aluminum alloy, key factors to consider include performance, cost, availability, and sustainability. Here are some possible alternatives to 2024 aluminum:

  1. Titanium alloy: Titanium alloy has high strength, low density, and good corrosion resistance, and can replace 2024 aluminum alloy in many applications. However, the cost of titanium alloys is relatively high, processing is difficult, and availability may be limited.
  2. High-strength steel: Some high-strength steels, such as high-carbon steel and alloy steel, have strength and hardness comparable to 2024 aluminum alloy. However, they are relatively heavy and have poor corrosion resistance.
  3. Composite materials: Composite materials, such as glass fiber reinforced plastics (GFRP) and carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP), are lightweight, high strength and resistant to corrosion. However, they are more expensive, have limited processability, and may not have the same fatigue properties as 2024 aluminum alloys.
  4. Other aluminum alloys: Some other aluminum alloys, such as 5052, 5083, and 6061, also have good strength and processing properties. However, their performance may not be exactly the same as 2024 aluminum alloy, depending on application requirements.

To sum up, although some materials can replace 2024 aluminum alloy, each material has its advantages and disadvantages. When selecting alternative materials, factors such as performance, cost, availability, and sustainability need to be carefully evaluated to determine the material that best suits the needs of a particular application.

The price of 3003 aluminum plate = aluminum ingot price + processing fee.

Note: 3003 aluminum plate has different tempers and specifications, the quotations of each aluminum plate manufacturer are also different. For a detailed quotation, free online consultation is available, we are very happy to provide you with support and help!

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