2A12 Aluminum Sheet

2A12 Aluminum Sheet

Application Market: Lithium Battery Busbar, Cosmetic Bottle Caps, Aluminum Lugs, Explosion Relief Valve, Heat Sink, PCB, etc.

Aluminum sheet 2A12 alloy is the Chinese implementation of the GB/T 3191-2010 standard after replacing the GB/T 3191-1998 standard, corresponding to the United States 2124, and Japan 2024. The chemical composition of 2A12 aluminum sheet alloy mainly includes aluminum, silicon, copper, magnesium, zinc, manganese, titanium, and nickel. 2A12 aluminum sheet plate is a typical high-strength deformed aluminum alloy with good heat resistance and can be strengthened by heat treatment. Due to its excellent mechanical properties including tensile strength, yield point, and elongation, many countries like to use this alloy. Therefore, the 2A12 aluminum sheet is the most used aluminum alloy in hard aluminum.

This alloy has high strength, and certain heat resistance, and can be used as heat-resistant parts for working environments at 150°C below. After heat treatment strengthening, the performance of the 2A12 aluminum alloy sheet can be further improved. When the temperature is higher than 125°C, the strength of the 2A12-T4 alloy aluminum sheet is higher than that of the 7075 alloy aluminum sheet. However, the heat treatment process requires strict control. The heat treatment specification includes homogenization annealing, complete annealing, rapid annealing, and quenching aging steps.

In addition, 2A12-grade aluminum alloy also has good plasticity and processing performance. Under the hot state, annealed state, and quenched state, its mechanical properties are excellent, forming performance is relatively good, and cold work hardening can also improve its cutting performance. However, its corrosion resistance is not high and usually needs to be improved by anodic oxidation treatment, painting or surface cladding, and other means.

The heat treatment specification of 2A12 aluminum alloy sheet

2A12 aluminum sheet alloy is a high-strength hard aluminum alloy with certain heat resistance. Heat treatment can further strengthen it to improve the performance of the 2A12-grade aluminum alloy. The following are the heat treatment specifications of 2A12 aluminum alloy sheet:

  1. Homogenization annealing: heated to 480℃-495℃, held for 12-14 hours, and then cooled in a furnace.
  2. Complete annealing: heated to 390℃-430℃, held for 30-120 minutes, cooled to 300℃ in a furnace, and then air cooled.
  3. Rapid annealing: heated to 350℃-370℃, held for 30-120 minutes, and then air cooled.
  4. Quenching and aging: quenching temperature is 495℃-505℃, water-cooled; artificial aging temperature is 185℃-195℃, the aging time is 6-12 hours, air-cooled; natural aging is carried out at room temperature and the aging time is 96 hours.

These heat treatment specifications can improve the performance of the 2A12 aluminum sheet plate, increase its hardness and strength, and meet different application requirements. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact our professional sales representatives.

The Application of 2A12 Aluminum Sheet Plate

In terms of application scenarios and fields, the 2A12 aluminum sheets are widely used in aerospace, automotive, construction, and other fields with excellent strength, toughness, and fatigue resistance. It mainly includes the following aspects:

  1. Aerospace field: In terms of aircraft structure, 2A12 aluminum alloy sheet can be used to manufacture fuselage skeleton, wing, fuselage bulkhead, propeller, fuselage skin rivets, and other components, which can provide sufficient stiffness and strength, while reducing the weight of the entire aircraft and improving flight performance. In addition, 2A12-grade alloy aluminum sheets can also be used to manufacture spacecraft structural parts and fuel tanks.
  2. Automotive field: In addition to the aerospace field, 2A12 aluminum sheet also has a wide range of application prospects in automotive manufacturing. Due to its higher strength and lower density, it can effectively reduce the weight of the car and improve fuel economy. 2A12 aluminum sheet can be used to manufacture automobile body, frame, engine cylinder head, and other components, which can improve the safety and driving stability of the car. In addition, alloy 2A12 aluminum sheet can also be used to manufacture automotive hubs, wheels, and other structural parts and other components to improve the vehicle’s sports performance and handling performance.
  3. Construction field: Because the 2A12 aluminum alloy sheet has good corrosion resistance and high strength, it is also commonly used in the construction field. For example, it can be used to manufacture structural parts and decorative parts for Bridges, high-rise buildings, and industrial buildings.
  4. Other fields: In addition to the above fields, the 2A12-grade aluminum sheet is also widely used in ships, military, sports equipment, and other fields. For example, it can be used to make structural parts for ships, parts for military equipment, and sports equipment such as golf clubs

In short, because 2A12 aluminum alloy has excellent mechanical properties, processing properties, and corrosion resistance, it has been widely used in many fields.

The Brinell hardness test can measure the hardness of the 2A12-grade aluminum alloy. The Brinell hardness test is a common method of measuring the hardness of a material, which is evaluated by pressing a specific load into the surface of the material and measuring the size of the indentation. The specific steps are as follows:

  1. The selection of suitable steel balls and loads is usually based on material specifications and test standards.
  2. The 2A12 aluminum sheet sample is placed on the test bench to ensure that the sample’s surface is smooth and without defects.
  3. The steel ball is placed over the specimen and the specified load is applied to press the steel ball into the specimen surface.
  4. After holding for a certain time, the load is removed and the diameter of the indentation is measured.
  5. The Brinell hardness value is calculated from the measured indentation diameter and load.

It should be noted that the hardness value only provides a relative evaluation of the hardness of the material, and other performance indicators such as tensile strength and yield strength also need to be comprehensively considered. For accurate hardness values, it is best to refer to the relevant material specifications or contact our reliable professional sales team for data.

The hardness of 2A12 aluminum alloy changes with temperature and aging time.

In terms of temperature, when the temperature is below 200℃, the hardness of 2A12 aluminum alloy increases with the increase in temperature; But when the temperature exceeds 200 ° C, the hardness begins to decline.

In terms of aging time, with the extension of aging time, the hardness of 2A12 aluminum alloy gradually increases. After 12 days of natural aging, the degree of increase in hardness will gradually decrease.

In addition, different heating and cooling treatments will also affect the hardness of 2A12 aluminum alloy. For example, the age hardening of aluminum alloys refers to the process of achieving optimal strength and hardness of aluminum and other alloying elements in the alloy after appropriate heating and cooling treatment within a certain period.

Our 2A12 aluminum sheet price consists of two parts. The price of 2A12 aluminum plates = aluminum ingot price + processing fee.

The aluminum ingot price is according to the closing average price of the Yangtze River Spot A00 aluminum ingot. However, the processing fee depends on the factors, such as size, thickness, and surface treatment.

Since the price of aluminum ingots fluctuates from day to day, our quotation price also will be adjusted accordingly. For detailed price quotations, free online consultation is available. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our sales team and we are pleased to provide an affordable quote price based on your specific needs.

Note: 2A12 aluminum alloy sheets have different tempers and specifications.

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